Eliminate these three distractions to get more done

Picture yourself at work. You’re at your desk with a fresh cup of coffee, ready to tackle a vital task. This is important work that will make you, your boss, and your company look good.

Just as you’re getting into the flow, an email pops up. You glance at it, realize it’s not important, and get back to – then another email comes in. You want to serve your customers, so you type a quick reply. Then someone instant messages you. While you’re IMing, you need to look up something on the web.

Hours later, you’re still emailing, chatting, and surfing. Your vital task? Barely started.

Shun these three common distractions at work, and you’ll get more important work done.

Use your prime time effectively

What if I told you there’s a simple way to be more productive at work? A way that takes just a few minutes to learn. A way with zero overhead, so you can just do it every day. Are you interested?

The way is to use your prime time more effectively. Identify your prime time of the day, and then invest that time by working on your vital and toughest tasks. You’ll achieve more of what matters. If you like the results you get, you can even extend your prime time hours.