April recommended reading

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3 Steps To Managing Workplace Conflict With Emotional Intelligence

From OPEN Forum: “No matter how great a corporate culture you create, no matter how good a role model you are, it’s inevitable that situations will arise that require you to mitigate emotional stress within the ranks. Personal conflicts, outside pressures, and job-related stress will eventually become a factor to be dealt with in any workplace setting. How well leaders handle those situations depends on their emotional intelligence…”

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The Five Levels of Delegation

From Michael Hyatt: “Delegation is critical to leadership. You can’t take on more responsibility unless you are willing to delegate to others. But that doesn’t mean it is always easy…”

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Leading From Your Strengths

From Growing Leaders: “A while back, I got to meet one of my favorite authors. Marcus Buckingham was speaking in Atlanta, and I was fortunate enough to connect with him for a few moments backstage, thanks to a little help from a few friends. Marcus is the bestselling author of First Break All the Rules, and Now Discover Your Strengths. His latest book is entitled, The One Thing You Need to Know. He is a remarkable communicator whose message is revolutionary. Let me summarize what he spoke about that morning…”

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Saying Yes to Time Management

From Working Girl: “I’m a people pleaser. If someone needs help, a ride, advice, an errand, a favor…they usually come to me – mostly because they know I’ll say yes.

You see, saying no has never been one of my fortes. The art of saying no in the workplace is especially hard for me since I’m not the gal in charge.”

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