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The Good News About Good Bosses

From Bob Sutton’s Work Matters: “A recent poll by StrategyOne of over 500 American workers finds that over 80% of employees feel respected by their supervisors and believe their supervisors value their work.”

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What I Learned from Oprah and Marcus Buckingham

From Escape from Corporate America: “The bottom line, according to Oprah and Marcus, is that your real job in life is to find out why you are here. In order to make any kind of lasting contribution, your job must “feed” you in some way.”

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Inspirational Quotes Blog

This inspirational quotes blog posts at least one quote every day; sometimes two or three.  If that’s not enough, you can follow him on Twitter to get even more quotes.

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Civility at Work

From Daniel Goleman: “People at work in any organization face a panoply of forces that easily overpower the urge to be civil: stress, multi-tasking, too much to do with too little time, or too little support. Stress and distractedness – not meanspiritness – are the most common enemies of civility at work.”

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Set up Outlook 2007/2010 to Master Your Now (MYN)

From Master Your (Workday) Now: “This video teaches you a subset of the complete MYN Outlook system; just enough so that you’ll be using the core of the Outlook MYN system in only a few minutes. You’ll have a system to get your long list of tasks for the new year organized, and then a way to stay ahead of too-many e-mails and too many to-do’s.”

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Winners of the 2010 World’s Best Presentation Contest

From SlideShare: Late each year, people are encouraged to enter presentation slides or videos in SlideShare’s Best Presentation Contest.  Then SlideShare members vote, and expert judges select the final winners in a variety of categories.

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