Recommended reading from September

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If you haven’t already seen these six great articles on leadership and teams, I highly recommend them.  Each one is a quick read.

Who Says There is No ‘I’ in TEAM?

From Super Successful Manager: “Valuing the individual strengths, skills and experiences of every one of those in a team, can generate exceptional results.  Why?  Because a skilled leader can realize where best to focus key activities in their team.”

The Urban Legend of the Great Goal Study

From Three Star Leadership Blog: “Researchers surveyed the graduating seniors from the class of 1953 at Yale University. They asked if the class members had written goals for their future. Three percent did. The rest did not…  The only problem with this powerful finding is that there was no such study. Researchers at Yale and members of the class of 1953 all swear they never conducted or participated in a study like that.”

3 Important tips to help you destroy trust, but still make you feel like you are leading people

From Teamwork and Leadership Bloggings: “Do you want to destroy the trust of those you lead, but still feel like a leader? Well, I have three suggestions to help you get there sooner than later. Most leaders do one or all of these so I thought it might be helpful to pass them on in case you weren’t aware of some of them and needed some help.”

A Manager’s Skill – Balancing Fun and Focus

From Coach Train Learn: “Having fun is a vital component of any successful team. Managers will do well to encourage their people to enjoy their work, joining in when there’s a laugh to be had, where appropriate.”

Personality Poker

From 800 CEO Read: “You’ve got your own personality that helps or hinders others. And soon enough, it can be clear to see that work is not just about the tasks we do, but how we do them, how we internalize and understand our interactions with others, and how our reactions can change the path our work takes – for better or worse.”

What Makes a Great Team Member?

From Leadership Buzz: “I’ve learned from clients the best team members share common characteristics in both the ‘skill’ and the ‘will’ areas.  A common mistake leaders make when hiring is overemphasizing the need for skill and skill alone.”